Considering LASIK? Let’s Clear the Myths First  

Going in for a practically painless procedure to have your vision corrected can sound a little too good to be true. Perhaps that is why so many unfair myths get circulated about LASIK vision correction surgery. If you are considering LASIK surgery, be sure you don’t let the prevailing myths get in the way.

Myth: Most patients have negative vision symptoms after LASIK surgery.

While every visual surgery comes along with risks, LASIK offers very few, and many people gain a new lease on life through better vision with the surgery. Most patients only experience better vision once the procedure is complete, and they have fully recovered. The most common side effects are dry eyes and excessive tearing, both of which are side effects that tend to pass with time. It is rare for patients to have negative vision changes after the procedure, but if there are negative changes, many can be corrected through treatments.

Myth: LASIK does not yield long-term vision improvement.

LASIK can actually yield visual correction for several years, perhaps even decades for some patients. It is natural for the effects to slowly regress as time passes simply due to age-related changes in the structures of the eye. However, most patients are satisfied with the outcome of their surgery for at least 10 years. In studies of patients that had LASIK to correct astigmatism or nearsightedness, only about 10 percent of the participants reported vision changes after 12 years.

Myth: People with diabetes are not good candidates for LASIK.

Individuals with diabetes are not automatically excluded from getting LASIK vision correction surgery. The primary concern will be if you have control of your blood glucose levels when you get the surgery. People who have unstable levels may be at more risk of infection which can slow the healing process and cause problems. Therefore, if you have diabetes, don’t avoid speaking to your eye doctor because you assume that you will not be a good candidate for the surgery.

Ready to Discuss LASIK in Weston, FL?

Research has shown that about 10 million people receive LASIK vision correction surgery every year in the United States alone. If you are ready to discuss LASIK in Weston, FL, reach out to us at Rouse Family Eye Care for more information.

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