Dry Eye Treatment with Lipiflow  

Approximately 30 million Americans suffer from chronic dry eyes. Like most people, you may not be aware that the true cause of dry eyes is a condition known as meibomian gland dysfunction.

What is Dry Eye?

Meibomian is the name of the tiny glands in the eyes that become plugged over time and can no longer protect the thin layer of fluid that covers the outer surface of the eye. The result is that the eyes no longer produce the same quality and quantity of natural tears, leaving the eyes feeling dry and gritty. Burning, redness, and vision distortion are additional symptoms.

Applying artificial tears to the eyes several times a day was the most common dry eye treatment in Weston, FL until just a few years ago. Rouse Family Eye Care is pleased to offer the Lipiflow thermal pulsation system as an advanced type of treatment for dry eyes. The treatment you receive with Lipiflow is as unique as you are.

How the Lipiflow Thermal Pulsation System Treats Dry Eyes

The first thing our optometrists do at your initial consultation for Lipiflow is evaluate the current quality of your tears and meibomian glands. The quality of your tears and glands helps determine if you should receive ocular nutrition, moist heat therapy, or microblepharon exfoliation in addition to treatment with Lipiflow.

The pulsation system designed by Lipiflow includes a console and an activator, which is a sterile, single-use device. Treatment time is approximately 12 minutes, and your optometrist will use numbing drops in your eyes to eliminate any discomfort before starting the procedure.

After allowing the numbing agent a few minutes to take effect, the next step is for your provider to place a dome-shaped activator over each eye. The shape of the activators protects the cornea of each eye throughout the procedure. Lipiflow treatment targets your meibomian glands located on your inner eyelids.

The activators send pulsated heat waves to the inner portion of your eyelids. The pressure and heat clear the blockage that prevents the meibomian glands from providing adequate protection for your tear ducts. A reduction or resolution of dry eye symptoms occurs within six to eight weeks, although some patients notice immediate improvement.

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