Early Signs of Macular Degeneration

At Rouse Family Eyecare, we not only help our patients see better, but we also work hard to help ensure the eye health of our valued patients. This includes offering diagnosis and treatment formacular degeneration in Weston, FL. There are various kinds of macular degeneration, but all of them should be detected as soon as possible. Like other diseases, early detection is key to a positive outcome. Here are some of the early signs of macular degeneration to be aware of.

Lessened Ability to See in Low Light

One of the earliest warning signs of macular degeneration is a lessened ability to see in low light. If you find yourself needing more light than before to do your daily tasks, it could be a sign.

Difficulty Adjusting to Different Levels of Light

Do your eyes take longer than before to adjust to new levels of light. For instance, when you turn off the lights in a room at night, is there a lingering time when you find yourself in total darkness before your eyes adjust? This is a common early sign of macular degeneration.

Reduced Central Vision

Central vision loss is a common sign of age-related macular degeneration. If you see a blurry or blind spot in the center of your field of vision, it’s possible that you have some macular degeneration going on.

Changes in Color Perception

Is it harder to distinguish between colors? Do colors that were previously vibrant seem dull? The cells in the macula also help perceive color. Damage to this area can lead to washed-out or less vibrant colors.

Blurred Vision

Difficulty reading or words appearing blurred is a common early symptom. This is different from typical vision issues corrected with glasses as it is specific to macular degeneration.

Distorted Vision

This is one of the most common early signs. Straight lines or objects may appear bent, crooked, or irregular. This is due to the macula being affected, which distorts your central vision.

If you notice any of the signs listed above, don’t wait. Contact youreye doctor in Weston, FL right away for a comprehensive eye exam. Let us know what symptoms you’ve been experiencing. If it turns out that there is some macular degeneration, we’ll be able to help with a treatment plan.

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