Exposing the Myths Surrounding Scleral Lenses

Even though contact lenses are a preferable way to correct the vision, not every eye shape can accommodate traditional contact lenses. For example, individuals that have an abnormally curved cornea may have problems getting lenses to stay seated properly against their eyes. In these situations, scleral lenses in Weston, FL may be an option for vision correction.

Myth: Scleral lenses are not safe.

Scleral lenses can be perfectly safe for the people who need them and who have undergone the proper evaluation with their eye doctor. In research published by the National Keratoconus Foundation, the majority of problems patients had with scleral lenses were the result of either improper installation and removal or using the wrong lens care products with the lenses. Out of almost 85,000 patients, 385 patients had experienced eye swelling and 238 experienced undue growth of blood vessels in the eye.

Myth: Scleral contacts don’t last very long and have to be replaced often.

Each patient’s experience may differ, but all forms of rigid lenses tend to last quite some time before they have to be replaced. Most patients only need to have their lenses replaced every one to three years. With the proper care, lenses are extremely durable. You may not need lenses replaced unless your vision changes, or you have issues with the fit of the lenses.

Myth: You are at risk of eye infections with scleral lenses.

As long as you follow your eye doctor’s guidelines on changing and cleaning your lenses, you should have very little risk of eye infection. In the aforementioned study, only 70 patients presented with a corneal infection. To reduce risks of infection:

  • Always use a conditioning solution on your lenses during storage
  • Make sure you have washed your hands prior to handling your lenses
  • Never use saliva or other fluids to apply your lenses

Find Out If You Are a Good Candidate for Scleral Lenses in Weston, FL

For patients that are good candidates, scleral lens treatment can be especially beneficial. If you would like to know more about scleral lenses, be sure to speak with a qualified eye doctor in Weston, FL for advice. Reach out to us at Rouse Family Eyecare to schedule an appointment today.


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