Lipiflow 101: FAQs for Prospective Patients

Dry eye conditions can be temporary, but some patients develop chronic issues that affect their eye health and comfort. During these situations, an eye doctor may recommend Lipflow for dry eye treatment in Weston, FL. Lipiflow thermal pulsation treatment involves using a drug-free procedure to improve the function of glands that keep the eye moist. If your optometrist recommends Lipiflow, you may have a few questions.

Is Lipiflow effective for dry eyes?

Lipflow can be highly effective for patients that have chronic issues with dry eyes. As many as 86 percent of patients that experience chronic dry eye have issues with meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). MGD means the glands that typically produce lubrication around the eyes are closed or clogged. The Lipiflow treatment targets MGD specifically to alleviate the problem by unblocking clogged glands, and many patients have a successful outcome with treatment. A lot of people see improvements in dry eye symptoms for a year or longer.

How long does Lipiflow treatment take?

Lipiflow treatment is a simple procedure conducted in the optometrist’s office. First, the doctor will use a device to take a close look at the meibomian glands. Then, they will place small activators over the rim of the eyelids. A small device massages and warms the areas surrounding the glands, which helps to open up the small canals and encourage tear production. The treatment only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Is Lipiflow treatment painful?

Before Lipiflow treatment begins, the eye doctor will place anesthetic eye drops on the surface of your eyes. This desensitizes the eyes so you are not uncomfortable during the procedure. However, the Lipiflow treatment device should not cause any pain; only gentle pressure and a noticeable level of warmth. The eye drops are only meant to curb some of the sensations.

Discuss Lipiflow with a Qualified Optometrist in Weston, FL

If you are tired of struggling with dry eyes, reach out to an optometrist in Westin, FL to discuss a thorough evaluation. You may be a good candidate for Lipiflow treatment. Contact Rouse Family Eye Care to learn more about Lipiflow treatment or schedule an appointment.

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