Protect Your Vision This Summer With These Tips

Most people in Riverdale, NJ are overjoyed when summer finally arrives. The beautiful blue skies and green grass are a vision to behold. But along with all this bounty from Mother Nature comes a hidden danger; the UV rays emitted from the sun. While some sun exposure boosts production of Vitamin D, which is beneficial for overall health, too much exposure can endanger vision. Other vision dangers also lurk in the summer months. Here are some tips to ensure you and your family’s vision is protected.

Invest in Quality Sunglasses

UV rays increase your risk for macular degeneration and other eyesight problems. Spend a little bit of extra money on quality sunglasses that have UV protection built in. The cheaper sunglasses that you find in discount stores simply don’t offer the protection that your eyes need.

Get UV Protection in Your Prescription Eyewear

If you dislike having to deal with multiple pairs of glasses, talk to your eye doctor in Riverdale, NJ about UV filters or transitional prescription eyewear. This extra feature will protect your eyes and help you see better.

Wear Sports Goggles

Summertime means that you or your loved ones may be outside playing more sports or just having fun running around. Protective eyewear is an important aspect of sports that shouldn’t be ignored. Whether it’s a lively game of street hockey, a competitive LaCrosse match, a backyard football game, or just a relaxing day out on the golf course, consider wearing protective eyewear or sports goggles. These will prevent injuries from stray balls, game sticks or elbows and keep your vision protected.

Use a Blue Light Blocker

Many people enjoy reading on their favorite device while outside on the front porch, lying on a hot and sunny beach or in the back of the RV while someone else drives. Often, glare from the sun means you have to turn up the screen brightness in order to make out the words. Do your eyes a favor and either install a blue light filter on your device or wear blue light glasses. Blue light from screens is a known strain on the eyes, as well as being harmful in other ways.

No matter where this summer takes you, try to remain thoughtful about protecting your vision. For more helpful tips about protecting your precious eyesight, contact us to book your next eye exam in Riverdale, NJ.


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