Your Child Is Nervous About Seeing the Eye Doctor? What to Do

Going to a new doctor can be a nerve-wracking experience for a child. Fortunately, going to the eye doctor in Weston FL doesn’t have to be scary. By preparing your child for their visit to the eye doctor, you can help calm your child’s nerves and keep your child comfortable throughout their visit with the doctor. Here’s what you can do to help make this experience a success.

Tell Them What to Expect

Going to the eye doctor doesn’t hurt, so you can be sure to let your child know that before the appointment. Let your child know that the eye doctor will look into their eyes to look for signs of any problems.

If your child is old enough, they may be asked to identify symbols or letters from a chart. By discussing these elements of an eye appointment with your child, you can help them feel prepared for their upcoming appointment.

Show Them Glasses Can Be Fun

One of the most exciting things that might come out of an eye appointment is the glasses! Owning eyeglasses can be fun. If you feel comfortable giving your child freedom to choose their own eyeglasses, then let them know they’ll be able to pick eyeglasses from the range of glasses available at the eye center once their appointment is over.

If you’d like to maintain some control over the glasses that your child selects, let them know you’ll be making a decision together, but you want them to pick glasses that express their personality. Kids often like choosing their own glasses, and will look forward to the opportunity to express themselves through something they get to wear.

Speak Positively About Your Eye Exams

Do you think highly of your eye doctor? Are your eye exams a good experience overall? If so, tell your child. Help your child understand what is good about the eye doctor by making it clear that you find the appointments to be a positive experience.

Play “Eye Doctor”

Before taking your child for an eye exam in Weston FL, make a point of playing eye doctor at home. Pretend to be the eye doctor. Show your child that the appointments aren’t scary by setting up a mock eye doctor office, and going through the eye exam motions yourself. Your child will soon see that visits to the eye doctor can be fun.

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