Can I Use My Glasses Prescription to Buy Contact Lenses?

The short answer to the question of whether you can substitute one prescription for another is no. The more complex question is why exactly you can’t do this, and why it’s risky to even try. It would be easy to assume that one prescription for your eyes is as good as the next, but the two prescriptions deliver different information. We’ll look at how contact lenses in Weston, FL measure different aspects of your eyes and vision.

A Matter of Perspective

While both eyeglasses and contact lenses are worn near the eye, glasses are worn around 12 millimeters from the eye. It may seem negligible, but the distance will make a difference to how you see. This is why you may see a slightly more powerful prescription for eyeglasses than you do for contact lenses.

Fit and Flow

In addition to the strength of your prescription, your contact lens exam will measure the eyes in different ways than a glasses exam will. The filler will know how the lens itself will fit.

If the back surface measurements or lens length are incorrect, the lens is likely to fit incorrectly. You may be able to put on the lens well enough, but it won’t be long before it starts to feel uncomfortable. In addition, the prescription filler is also trying to regulate the flow of oxygen to the eye. If you’re not getting enough air flow (due to a specific brand’s permeability), the reality is you could be risking long-term damage to the eye. This is why exams will name the brand that is best compatible with your eyes.

An Eye Doctor in Weston, FL

If you try to use your eyeglasses prescription to purchase contact lenses, you’ll have to make several guesses about everything from the diameter of the lens to the curvature of the contact lens. You may also reasonably get the wrong prescription, meaning your eye has to do more work to see. If you want to avoid playing these kinds of games, the best thing you can do is see an eye doctor in Weston, FL who can perform the few extra steps required for this special exam. Contact Rouse Family Eye Care to schedule an appointment today!

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