Dealing with Dry Eyes? Watch Out for These Cosmetic Ingredients  

From the foundation you use to cover age spots and blemishes to the mascara you use to enhance your lashes, cosmetics are a big part of many everyday beauty regimens. However, when you seek dry eye treatment in Westin, FL, we may tell you to watch out for using certain cosmetics. As much as cosmetic products have advanced over the last few decades, certain products can contain ingredients that contribute to dry eye problems. Take a look at a few ingredients to watch for in your cosmetic collection if you are struggling to overcome dry eyes.

1. Alcohol

Moisturizers, fragrances, body sprays, and even certain types of liquid cosmetics can contain alcohol. Many people are sensitive to the different types of alcohol that can be used in cosmetics, especially if the particles get in the eyes. Alcohol naturally dehydrates the eyes, which can cause problems with dry, irritated eyes.

2. Parabens

Parabens like ethyl parabens and methyl parabens are commonly used in products as preservatives, and these chemical agents can be found in many cosmetics. Examples include powder or cream blush, moisturizing face creams, and even powder foundation. Parabens come along with certain risks to the body, but they can also be irritating to the eyes of some people.

3. Benzalkonium Chloride

Benzalkonium chloride is an ammonia-based compound that is commonly used as a surfactant. This ingredient is used in some cosmetic products to reduce microbial activity that would otherwise pose a risk of infection with use. Certain types of eye makeup, such as mascara and liquid eyeshadow, are notorious for containing this ingredient, and, unfortunately, this can contribute to dry eye issues.

4. Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax is commonly added to certain cosmetic products to make them waterproof. While carnauba wax may sound like it is non-threatening, the wax can cause the pores around the eyes to clog and even lead to dry eyes.

Talk to a Westin Optometrist About Dry Eye Treatment

If you’re dealing with dry eyes, it may be time to talk to an eye doctor in Westin, FL to get some relief. Sometimes, factors beyond cosmetic products can cause issues. Reach out to our office at Rouse Family Eye Care to request an appointment.


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