Have Dry Eyes this Winter? What to Do

Dry eyes in Reston, FL can be a problem for many reasons. They’re red, itchy, uncomfortable – and if you want to wear contact lenses, dry eyes can be even more problematic. Winter is a time when the air dries out and many people suffer from dry eyes. If you’re experiencing this problem this winter, there are things you can do to moisturize your eyes.

Humidify Your Home

Humidity is key to eliminating dry eye. Lack of humidity is why your eyes feel dry in winter! Buy a humidifier for the room where you spend the most time in winter – whether that’s your living room or maybe your bedroom. You can also buy a whole-house humidifier, but it will have to be professionally installed. Talk to an HVAC professional to find out if a whole-house humidifier would help in your home.

Wondering how dry the air is in your home? Buy a hygrometer for your house. Humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent are ideal for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment in your home.

Stop Using the Blow Dryer

Blow driers dry your eyes when they’re pointed at your face. If you can, stop using the blow dryer. If you must use your blow dryer, keep it turned on to a low setting. Blow cool air instead of hot air. Avoid blowing the air at your face.

Use Artificial Tears

Artificial tears are sold in pharmacies everywhere. Take time to put artificial teardrops in your eyes on a regular basis throughout the day. If your eyes are too dry, your eye doctor in Reston, FL may recommend prescription eye drops. If you feel that your dry eyes may warrant a prescription, make an appointment with us today to find out if prescription drops are right for you.

Use Sunglasses With Side Protection

Sunglasses can come with side protection that prevents wind from blowing in your eyes. Buy sunglasses with this side protection to keep the wind out when you’re spending time outdoors.

Use Warm Compresses

Having a night when your eyes are especially itchy? Put warm compresses on your face for a little relief.

Have more questions? Call us! Make an appointment. We can help.

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