Is Your Teen Ready for Contact Lenses? 3 Ways to Know

Most kids don’t get contacts until they’re teenagers, but not all teenagers can handle contact lenses. Your child’s eye doctor in Weston, FL can help you evaluate whether contact lenses are right for your child. It’s also important to consider your child’s personality when trying to decide if contact lenses are right for them. Here’s what you need to consider as you decide whether your teen should have contacts.

1. Your Teen Is Responsible

Contact lenses require some responsibility in order to be used properly. In order to handle wearing contact lenses, your teen needs to be able to follow directions from their eye care provider.

You can assess your child’s ability to care for their contact lenses by assessing how responsible they are. Do you trust your child to watch small children? Do they drive a car and do it safely? Can they follow instructions from their teacher and get good grades? If so, then your child is probably able to handle the personal responsibility that comes from wearing contact lenses.

2. You Can Trust Your Teen To Follow a Routine

Contact lenses need to be cared for, and there’s usually a routine that needs to be followed. Does your teen follow a routine easily? Do they go to class when it’s required? Are they able to hold down a job? If so, then they can probably handle the care routine that contacts require them to maintain.

3. The Eye Doctor Says It’s Ok

One more way to know that your child is a good candidate for contact lenses: the eye doctor has to give your child the “ok” to wear them. To do this, the eye doctor must asses your teen’s eyes and eye health. Not all eye conditions are right for wearing contacts.

Your child’s eye doctor will have to make this determination during a contact lens exam in Weston, FL. After the eye exam is over, your child’s eye doctor will be able to tell you and your teen how to care for contact lenses.

Do you have more questions about whether your teenager is a good candidate for contact lenses? Call Rouse Family Eye Care to find out more. Make an eye appointment with our doctor to learn more about getting contact lenses in Weston FL.

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