Is LASIK Worth the Hassle? The Truth About This Common Surgery

While some things in life are impulse purchases, LASIK in Weston, FL is definitely not one of them. It’s a complex procedure that requires full attention and evaluation, and the number of steps involved may quickly cause someone to give up on it entirely. If you’re waffling right now, we’ll look at the pros and cons of LASIK.

Determine If You’re Eligible

There’s no use getting too worked up about the procedure until you know whether you’re eligible or not. Anything from your age to the thickness of your cornea may affect the success of the surgery. Because LASIK fixes your eyes as they are now, it’s important for it to be as permanent as possible. (If your eyes change, you may need to have the surgery again.)

LASIK Is Fast, Safe, and Easy

It may not seem like it now, but LASIK is fast, easy, and safe. It’s an out-patient procedure that lasts for 20 minutes, and patients remain awake throughout it all. If your eyes make any sort of sudden movement during the surgery, the laser will shut off to avoid any error or injury.

Plus, once you’re done, the results are pretty instantaneous. It only takes a day or so before you’re able to see, and most patients can get back to their regular schedules within 48 hours or less. Living life without glasses or contacts doesn’t just save you the costs of the products over time, it can literally be a game-changer for many people.

See Clearly Again After the Surgery

It can be difficult to picture what life looks like after blurry vision. Activities like swimming, biking, and running become that much easier when you don’t have to worry about glasses or dry eyes from contacts. Instead of dreading the loss of a lens in your eye or on the floor, you can do what you like without having to think about it.

Optometrists in Weston, FL

If you’re looking for optometrists in Weston, FL who can perform LASIK, Rouse Family Eye Care can help. Our practice is here to help you determine your eligibility before taking the next steps. Contact us today to learn more about what you can do to improve your vision.

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